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Wound Care Program

The photographs to the right are of a patient on our service with deep complex wounds.  Both wounds had full thickness skin loss with extensive destruction, tissue necrosis, and damage to muscle, and supporting structures.

Effective VAC therapy is evidenced by decompression of the wound to allow increased perfusion, oxygen and nutrient transport to facilitate in the healing process.

After a short period of time the exudates color changed to serosanguinous.  As the weeks progressed, there was remarkable improvement shown by the shrinking of the wound size as the granulation tissue formation increased.

Initial size of wounds;
     Wound #1:   8x5x5
     Wound #2:   9x7x5

After 5 weeks there was a gradual decrease in size as evidenced by the last photograph on the right as the extra-cellular debris was brought to equilibrium.

The wound continues to form granulation tissue.  New skin growth is visualized at the edges and the patient is now able to manage with minimal assistance from nursing staff.

With wound care goals achieved this patient has progressed to a state of independence that was not present prior to our interventions.

East West has committed to providing superior wound care to patients with complex needs.  Our wound care expertise is clearly demonstrated.  Please feel free to call us for an evaluation of your patients needs.  We look forward to hearing from you soon...

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Wound Care Program


Wound #1


Wound #2


Both Wounds after 5 Weeks


East West uses the V.A.C system for
complex wounds.

V.A.C.® (Vacuum Assisted Closure®) TherapyTM
is a unique system that helps promote wound healing.  Doctors can prescribe negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) for many chronic and traumatic wound patients - in the hospital, extended care facility, and in the home.

V.A.C.® TherapyTM Helps:

  • Promote granualtion tissue formation through the promotion of wound healing.

  • Uniformly draw wounds closed by applying controlled, localized negative pressure.

  • Remove interstitial fluid allowing tissue decompression.

  • Remove infectious materials.

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